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And so the Inhumane Cruelty of Indonesian Armed Forces Against Papuans Continues

By Mukanisi –  Bade, Mappi Regency in West Papua

The Stringer Independent  News

blas_sIt seems the bitterly cruel treatment of the Papuan indigenous community by the Indonesian armed forces will never come to an end. This time their cruelty has been unleashed on a young 23 year old man by the name of Blasius Sumaghai from Bade in the regency of Mappi in the far southern region of Papua. The incident involved use of brutal unrestrained violence against Blasius by two members of the Indonesian Marine Corps on 26 January 2014. Blasius is the son of the late Abraham Sumaghai, a well known figure from the Awyu Tribe  and had done no wrong whatsoever that could have given reason for the ruthless attack by the marines. The attack on Blasius left him severely traumatized and unable to even walk for four days following the incident. Baca lebih lanjut

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